TECHNOcast renders services to its local and international customers paying ultimate attention to quality in all manufacturing processes. Our objective is to guarantee not only the product quality but the total process quality thanks to our integrated quality management system and fully equipped laboratory.

We can list our quality management processes under 6 main titles;

  • Incoming Quality Control
  • Process Control
  • Final Control
  • Tests
  • Supplier Management
  • Reporting

TECHNOcast applied simple manufacturing techniques on all sites with the target of guaranteeing manufacturing quality (6 SIGMA, Kaizen, PokaYoke, TPM, 5S etc…). Along with these, in parallel with our customer-oriented business philosophy, our competent engineering staff develops tests and other equipments required in all manufacturing and assembly lines.

Having ISO 9001 certificate, our Company has established and successfully runs a quality management system according to standards. Traceability is enabled by site automation, smart shelve, FIFO and barcode system.

Tests carried out at our Quality Laboratories

Raw Material Tests

  • MFI (MeltFlow Index)
  • GlowWire Test
  • Tracking (CTI) Test

Surface Quality Measurement Tests

  • Cross Cut Test
  • Luminosity Measurement Test
  • Color Measurement Test
  • Powder Paint Impact Test
  • Powder Paint Thickness Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Corrosion Test
  • Surface control under microscope test

Size Measurement Tests

  • 3 Dimension Measurement
  • Intensity Scale Measurement

Other Tests

  • Life test
  • Kitchen Tests

Assembly Line Tests

Our assembly line tests vary according to technical needs and application needs of our customers. Some of these tests are;

  • Leakage Test
  • Voltage Test
  • Electric Current Conductivity Test
  • Power test
  • High voltage test