TECHNOcast Occupational Health and Safety Policy relies on respecting humans.

TECHNOcast established an Occupational Health and Safety Management System by fully adhering to OHSAS 18001 standards, and created its policy with the aim to raise awareness among its employees on occupational safety and to minimize risks that may endanger occupational health and safety.

TECHNOcast Occupational Health and Safety Policy undertake;

  • To fulfill requirements under Worker Health and Occupational Safety By law and By law on Worker Health and Occupational Safety Rules included within the scope of legislations of Ministry of Labor, to revise this policy in ideal intervals or whenever necessary and to continuously improve this management system,
  • To determine in advance and eliminate any insecure conditions and actions that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases at the workplace and its extensions, and all possible accident risks, by carrying out an efficient risk assessment, and to efficiently manage risks by our continuous improvement and preventive behavior approach,
  • To make risk analysis regarding accidents or emergency conditions that may take place during our operations and to plan and implement measures for minimizing losses in case of any accidents and emergency cases,
  • To choose materials that are fit for occupational health - occupational safety when selecting equipment, raw materials and work tools,
  • To train our employees to improve their level of knowledge on occupational health and safety, to repeat these trainings periodically and to ensure they are fully aware of occupational health and safety issues