TECHNOcast is fully devoted to its high quality and environmental friendly manufacturing objectives that meet demands of its customers in its main operation field of plastic injection parts and low pressure aluminum casting. TECHNOcast, created its environment program and objectives and developed its environment policy by fully complying with ISO 14001 Environment Management System Standards. TECHNOcast adopts it as a principle to continuously improve its pollution preventive operations and to keep up with technological developments.

Our Environment Policy

  • Comply with environment related, internationally recognized legal regulations, national laws/legislations and other liabilities,
  • Choose environmental friendly technologies, minimize and keep under control wastes from our operations,
  • Prevent environmental pollution at its source and minimize its impact on environment,
  • Support initiatives for energy conservation and make efficient manufacturing plans to prevent loss of raw materials, energy and workforce,
  • Help employees embrace environmental consciousness and contribute to raising environmental awareness.